Teluk Intan Day Trip from Kuala Lumpur [incl Bangau Island, Fireflies Cruise, Hot Spring & Meals]

Teluk Intan Day Trip from Kuala Lumpur [incl Bangau Island, Fireflies Cruise, Hot Spring & Meals]

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    Price: USD 150 per person (2 to go)

    Trip Overview

    Teluk Intan Day Trip from Kuala Lumpur is a captivating adventure that includes an expedition to the Leaning Tower (Menara Condong) and a serene evening river cruise to Bangau Island, offering opportunities for both bird watching and a magical Fireflies Watching Tour. En route to Teluk Intan, our journey will include a delightful break at the renowned Nasi Bamboo Sungai Klah (Sungkai) for a satisfying meal, followed by a tranquil soak in the rejuvenating waters of the Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park. Spanning a full 12 hours, the tour is scheduled from 10 am to 10 pm, ensuring an immersive experience.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you are embarking on a journey with a group consisting of more than 2 individuals, kindly get in touch with us. The per person price for private tours will be reduced from the publicly listed rate. Rate published is for 2 to go.

    Pulau Bangau, also known as Bangau Island, isn’t a destination intended for our visit. The main attraction on Pulau Bangau is witnessing the magnificent egrets as they return home in a graceful V-formation during dusk. Some soar at great heights, while others skim slightly above the water’s surface. Observing the spectacle of hundreds of these birds in flight is truly a mesmerizing experience. However, it’s important to note that flying a drone during this time might not be advisable due to safety concerns.

    Embarking on the journey, visitors begin their exploration through the Teluk Intan River Cruise, setting off from the iconic jetty distinguished by its grand asam tree. This excursion is most rewarding either during the tranquil dawn hours or the serene late evening, precisely when the avian inhabitants either venture out in search of sustenance or elegantly return to their roosts. The island boasts a residence of over 20,000 birds, a diverse assembly that encompasses ten distinct species of herons and egrets.

    Among the notable inhabitants are:

    • Little Cormorant
    • Lesser Adjutant
    • Asian Open Bill Heron
    • Purple Heron
    • Striated Heron
    • Black Crowned Night Heron
    • Grey Heron
    • White-Breasted Waterhen
    • Acridotheres Tristis
    • Yellow Bittern
    • Chinese Egret
    • Little Egret
    • Great Egret
    • Cattle Egret

    Teluk Intan Day Trip from Kuala Lumpur promises an exhilarating experience, seamlessly weaving together culture, culinary exploration, hot springs, and nature, all within a single day. This is a day destined to be etched in your memory forever.


    Kuala Lumpur - Sungkai - Teluk Intan - Bangau Island - Kuala Lumpur


    Car / Boat

    Lunch, Dinner

    10.00am: Departure from Kuala Lumpur.

    12.00pm: Lunch at Nasi Bamboo Sungai Klah.

    01.00pm: After lunch, visit Sungkai Hot Spring.

    03.00pm: Visit Teluk Intan Menara Condong.

    04.00pm: Visit Mural Street Teluk Intan.

    04.30pm: Enjoy street food at own leisure.

    05.30pm: Bangau Island River Cruise + Fish Farm Visiting

    07.0opm: Dinner at Jetty.

    08.00pm: Fireflies Boat Tour.

    08.45pm: Pick up from Jetty, drive to Kuala Lumpur.

    11.00pm: Back at Kuala Lumpur. Tour ends.

    Price & Terms

    What is included?

    • Tours & Transfers as per itinerary.
    • Private Tour
    • Local Guide
    • Lunch & Dinner
    • Pulau Bangao Bird Watching Boat Tour during sunset.
    • Fireflies Watching Boat Tour
    • All entrance fees as per itinerary.
    • Mineral water x 500ml per bottle per person.

    What is not included?

    • Personal expenses.
    • Snacks during tours.


    • Iconic Leaning Tower (Menara Condong).
    • Picturesque river cruise to Bangau Island for bird watching.
    • Magical Fireflies Watching Tour.
    • Culinary delight at Nasi Bamboo Sungai Klah (Sungkai).
    • Rejuvenating experience at Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park.

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