Ipoh 3 Days 2 Nights from Kuala Lumpur with 1 Day to Cameron Highlands

Ipoh 3 Days 2 Nights from Kuala Lumpur with 1 Day to Cameron Highlands

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    Trip Overview

    Ipoh 3 days 2 nights from Kuala Lumpur with 1 day to Cameron Highlands enable you to visit few of the famous caves and other interesting places in Ipoh. In addition, you will get to visit Cameron Highlands for 1 day and enjoy the cool air in Cameron Highlands.

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    Day 1 Kuala Lumpur - Ipoh

    Impiana Hotel Ipoh


    Lunch - Lou Wong Chicken Rice Restaurant

    06.00am: Morning Call. Pick up from your hotel in Kuala Lumpur. We will start our Ipoh 3 Days 2 Nights from Kuala Lumpur.
    09.00am: Arrive in Ipoh, we will have breakfast upon arrival in Ipoh. We will drop you at Nam Heong Cafe for Malaysian local breakfast + White Coffee. Ipoh is famous for its famous white coffee. At own expenses. Expected to pay USD 1 to USD 5. Depending on what you are ordering from menu.
    Description: Ipoh White Coffee originated in Ipoh and was named by Lonely Planet as one of the top three coffee towns. Ipoh White Coffee is famous for its sweeter and lighter taste if compare with regular white coffee.
    10.30am: After breakfast, we will visit:

    Kek Long Tong – means “Great Happiness”.  Local visitors’ most favorite cave because it bring a feeling of well-being.
    Sam Poh Tong Temple – There are many holes at the limestone hill if compare with Swiss Cheese. Many nice view of gardens can be seen as well. You can visit other interesting cave temples in the vicinity if you have sufficient time.

    01.00pm: We will be having lunch at Lou Wong Chicken Rice Restaurant.
    Description: Lou Wong is famous for its bean sprouts chicken rice and has existed for ages. Although the ingredients look tasteless but is crispy. The chicken’s texture also soft and juicy. The most important is the bean sprouts chicken rice is fresh.

    02.00pm: After lunch, we will be visiting:

    Han Chin Pet Soo Museum –  To understand to growth process of Ipoh. It is free entrance with free tour guide. Suggested to donate RM10 for the preservation of historical building. (closed on Monday and last sessions at 3.30pm).
    Concubine Lane – the lane was given by a mining tycoon named Yau Tet Shin to one of his three wives. The wife survive by collecting taxes and profits from the suppliers who made money on her street.
    Ipoh Railway Station – also called Taj Mahal of Ipoh. Majestic Hotel Ipoh is located inside the railway station. Advised to visit during sunset because sunset embellish the color of the building and make it more splendid. You can enjoy the routine evening water show after sunset.

    8.00pm: We will check-in hotel and drop you at Tong Sui Kai for dinner. At own expenses.  You can enjoy Ipoh’s nightlife either at Bricks & Barrels and Fei Bo which are nearby Tong Sui Kai.

    Day 2 Ipoh Town

    Impiana Hotel Ipoh


    Lunch - Ming Cour Hong Kong Dim Sum

    09.00am: Morning call. Pick-up from hotel. We will visit:

    Kellie’s Castle – a tragedy and mystery castle which abandoned by a Scotch.
    Perak Tong Cave – One of the most famous cave among 30 cave temples in Ipoh. It sits beneath a 120m – high limestone and is among a backdrop of hills.

    01.00pm: We will be having lunch at Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum.
    Description: Dim Sum is another must try dish due to Ipoh has huge population of Chinese immigrants, the dim sum is as authentic as foods from Southern China and Hong Kong.

    02.00pm: After lunch, we will be visiting:

    BookXcess Kong Heng Ipoh Bookstore – It is one of the most unique book store in the world.
    Ipoh Street Art and Murals – Your photography session with the cool street art and murals.

    07.00pm: Drop you at hotel. Free and easy.

    Day 3 Ipoh - Cameron Highlands - Kuala Lumpur



    Lunch - Restaurant Tang Yuan

    06.00am: Morning Call. Pick up from your hotel. We will start our Cameron Highlands Day Tour from Ipoh.

    08.00am: Arrive in Cameron Highlands (2 hours drive from Ipoh). We will drop you in town for quick breakfast at own expenses. You can walk around at the morning market as well.

    09.30am: Arrive in Mossy Forest and experience the chilly and moist atmosphere. To go to Mossy Forest, need to hire a jeep. Please wear comfortable walking shoes and jacket.

    01.00pm: We will be having steamboat at Restaurant Tuan Yuan .
    Description: Restaurant Tuan Yuan is one of the most famous steamboat restaurant in Cameron Highlands. It serves multiple choice of fresh meats and vegetables.

    02.30pm: After lunch, we will be visiting:

    1. BOH Tea Centre – To have close contact with tea plants and observe the tea processing facility.
    2. Big Red Strawberry Farm – To experience strawberry picking. There are café and gift shop at strawberry farm.

    NOTE: We will have dinner en route in Cameron Highlands. At own expenses.

    07.00pm: We will drive back to Kuala Lumpur. Journey will take approximately 4 hours.

    11.00pm: Arrive in KL in your hotel. Tour ends.

    Price & Terms

    What is included?

    • All land transportation as per itinerary.
    • Tour Guide/ Driver as per itinerary.
    • All entrance fees as per itinerary.
    • Two localized lunch of chicken rice in Ipoh town and Dim Sum at out of town, a steamboat in Cameron Highlands.
    • Two night accommodation.

    What is not included?

    • Tipping.
    • Items not mentioned in the itinerary.
    • Breakfast & Dinner.


    • Ipoh 3 Days 2 Nights Tour from Kuala Lumpur enable you to visit 4 famous cave out of 30 cave in Ipoh ; museum which tell the historical growth of Ipoh ; Concubine Lane in which one lane summarize the story of Ipoh ; enjoy the splendid view of Ipoh Railway Station during sunset ; world’s most unique book store and Ipoh’s street art and murals.
    • Coffee lover will satisfy to enjoy the famous Ipoh White Coffee.
    • Ipoh 3 Day Tour from Kuala Lumpur enable you to enjoy the famous Ipoh Bean Sprouts Chicken Rice and Dim Sum in Ipoh ; steamboat in Cameron Highlands.
    • Experience the chilly and moist atmosphere in Mossy Forest.
    • To have close contact with BOH Tea plants and experience strawberry picking in Big Red Strawberry Farm.


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