Titiwangsa Lake Gardens: One of the Malaysia’s best parks, Great for families!

  • Angie Ong
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  • March 31, 2021
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Titiwangsa Lake Gardens opens from 7am to 9pm everyday. It covers an area of 95 hectares with a 57 hectares of lake.

You can see perfect view of Kuala Lumpur City – Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers (KLCC) & Kuala Lumpur Tower from the park itself. For those who want to have a glimpse of the beauty of Kuala Lumpur, this will be one of the best place to visit. The entrance is FREE.

Things to do in Titiwangsa Lake Gardens:

  • Jogging / Running 
  • Cycling – You can rent some bicycles and ride around, Bicycle : RM10 per hour. Tricycle: RM20 per hour. This park has nice jogging/cycling tracks around the parks.
  • Skateboarding/Rollerblading – Skate hire is available (RM5 for 30 minutes; bring socks otherwise you have to buy a pair for RM2). There is a large open space in front of a grandstand for practicing.
  • View of Kuala Lumpur City by the Titiwangsa Lake
  • Water Fountains – Landmark of Titiwangsa Lake Gardens. You can spot it from far.
  • ✅ Small little forest in the middle of the the lake gardens.
  • Horse Riding. This is probably the cheapest place in town to ride horses. Open at weekends and public holidays only between 9am-12pm and 3pm-6pm. Trainers walk horse and rider around a paddock for RM1.50 per round for adults and just RM1 for kids. There is also a horse drawn carriage giving rides around a track for groups of up to five persons at RM2 per adult and just 50 cents for kids.
  • Boating. Pedal boats are available for RM4 per boat for 30 minutes. Surf bikes, sea riders, waterfalls and sampans are also mentioned on the notice board but I didn’t see any of these.

kuala lumpur city view from titiwangsa lake

View of Kuala Lumpur from Titiwangsa Lake.

titiwangsa lake night view

Titiwangsa Lake Garden at night – view of Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers and Kuala Lumpur Tower.

titiwangsa lake garden bike rental

Bicycles rental in Titiwangsa Lake Garden

photography titiwangsa lake

skating titiwangsa lake gardens

Open space in Titiwangsa Lake Gardens for skating and rollerblading.