Malacca River Walking Tour with 10 months old Baby Devan

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  • April 11, 2021
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Malacca River Walking Tour 2021:

Today, we drove-by the Melaka River and decided to bring Baby Devan for a quick walk along the river bank of Melaka River near to the Jonker Walk of Melacca.

My Kiehl's Heritage

Our walk starts from the Jonker Walk Mural by Kiehl’s, and ends at the same place too. We parked our car at the roadside near to the Orang Utan House and with only 2 minutes walk, we spotted this beutiful Mural done by Kiehl in year 2016.

Kiehl engaged Fritilldea (a Malaysia artist) to paint the mural on the walls at Jonker Walk. It is one of the most instagramed spot of Melaka, Malaysia.

NOTE: Kiehl is a cosmetics brand retailer that specializes in skin, hair, and body care products.

Below: The only pictures of me and my Baby Devan. I am the photographer after this mural.

Baby Devan at My Kiehl's Heritage


From there, we took a 20 minutes walk – make a round, crossing the bridge and then back to the car.


Malacca River Walking Tour

There are cafes, hotels, pubs along the river bank of Malacca. En route of the Melaka River Walking Tour we took some pictures.

melaka river walking tour 2021

melaka river side

welcome to melaka

Today, we are the local tourists. Below is the H & M at Jonker Walk.

jonker walk H & M

melaka river cruise

Above is the Malacca River Cruise.

Today, we did a stroll along the Melaka River Bank. It was a real nice short walk along the Melaka river, with several foot bridges to cross over to the other side. There are some nice murals on the old buildings. So Instagrammable!

There are some bars, pubs, cafe and restaurants along the Melaka River Walk, you can stop at any point and take a rest.

We did!

Ong De Van

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