Bako National Park Day Trip Blog: Damn, it’s a good day!

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  • November 6, 2022
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Bako National Park Upon Arrival

Bako National Park Day Trip Blog – It is a must visit and must go while you in Kuching.

Bako National Park contains almost every type of plant life found in Borneo, with over 25 distinct types of vegetation from seven complete ecosystems: beach vegetation, cliff vegetation, kerangas or heath forest, mangrove forest, mixed dipterocarp forest, padang or grasslands vegetation and peat swamp forest. – Wikipedia

Bako National Park Day Trip Itinerary:

9.00am: We were picked up, and drive for 30 minutes (37 km) we arrive at Kampung Bako

9.30am: Board to speed boat, and take a 30 minutes boat ride to Bako National Park.

10.00am – 3pm: Talk, laugh, relax, trekking and walking in the jungle in search of wildlife and listening to stories.

We engage a local agent for Bako National Park Day Trip and pay a fees as normal tourists (RM 350 per person), and we are traveling in a group of Three.


  1. Two ways hotel transfers
  2. Two ways boat rides Kg Bako to Bako National Park and back
  3. Inspection on park facilities and accommodations, hiking (we do not do as too hot and tiring)
  4. Lunch at Bako National Park HQ.
  5. Licensed guide – Chiew – he is the best really. Have lots of laughers and fun.

Worth it ! Really worth it. We managed to spot some proboscis monkeys but they are too far. No pictures are taken.

Not sure what to write but sharing some photos during the day in Bako National Park.

Kg Bako

View upon arrival at Bako National Park

Bako National Park Boat Arrival

Jungle Trekking to Bako National Park HQ

Arrival at bako national park

bako national park hiking

Bako National Park Hiking

There are 17 easy-to-hike, trails in Bako National Park rainforest. Some of the hikes are jungle loops while others lead to hidden beaches or viewpoints. You can read more about the best hiking trails in Bako National Park down below.

Below are some trails on the board of Bako National Park HQ, these are the best trails in the park.

**one way from starting point distance and time needed, for two ways, you need to x TWO on the time and distance given.

  1. Jalan Lintang – 5.8km, 3.5 hours
  2. Tlk Paku – 1.5km, 1 hour
  3. Tlk Pandan Besar – 1.9km, 1 hours
  4. Tlk Pandan Kecil – 2.6km, 1.5 hours
  5. Tlk Tajor – 3.5km, 2.5 hours
  6. Tg Rhu – 4.2km, 2.5 hours

Bako National Park Trail Name

Trail Map for Bako National Park Sarawak

If you are only doing the Bako National Park Day Trip, you can only do either Pandan Besar or Pandan Kecil Hiking – for the rest of the trail – you do not have enough time.

If you are staying overnight, then you can do all the trail – either self guide or pay your guide for the sweat and efforts to bring you there and back safely.

Along any of the trails – you will see picturesque coastline with small bays, beaches, mangroves and sea stacks. You will have chances to meet proboscis monkeys, the big nosed, pot-bellied comedian of the rainforest. But the star has a supporting cast of long-tailed macaque monkeys, usually patrolling the park headquarters, silvered leaf monkeys, monitor lizards and squirrels and flying lemurs that glide from tree to tree.

bako national park accommodation

Bako National Park 2d1n

Can you stay at Bako National Park? Answer = Yes.

There are several lodging options in Bako National Park. It is a basic stays and you will need to bring your own towel and toiletries. I will suggest to choose the Air Conditioned Room which is Forest Lodge Type 4 – only two rooms available and subject to avaibilities. So, if still available, don’t think – just book it. Bako National is hot and humid in the day time and cooling in the night. It is a rainforest.

Camp Site

Facilities : Public bathrooms and toilet
Not included : Camping equipment not provided

Forest Hostel

Room: 4 rooms
Beds: 4 single beds in each room
Facilities: Fan, shared bathroom and toilets
Not included: Towel and blankets

Forest Lodge Type 4  – RM225.00 per house, RM150.00 per room

Room: 2 rooms
Beds: 2-4 single beds in each room
Facilities: Air conditioned, hot shower, refrigerator, towels, blankets, attached bathroom and toilet

Forest Lodge Type 5 (Terrace) 

Room: 8 rooms
Beds: 4 single beds in each room
Facilities: Fan, towels, blankets, attached bathroom and toilet

Forest Lodge Type 6

2 rooms
Beds: 2 single beds in each room
Facilities: Fan, refrigerator, hot shower, towels, blankets, attached bathroom and toilet

To know about price of lodgings Bako National Park 2D1N Tour Package, can always contact us directly at +6012-3679785 (whatapps) 

What to bring during your Bako National Park 2D1N? 

Comfortable hiking backpack including raincover, head lamp, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, hat, your favorite trekking snacks, raincoat, sunglasses, binocular, leech socks, dry-bag, swimwear, good walking/trekking shoes, flip flop, personal toiletries including towel, personal medication and first aid kit, electrolytes (hydration salts), light clothing for trekking.

wild boar at Bako National Park

Bako National Park Beach

Bako National Park Beachside

Bako National Park Day Trip Blog is a raw writing, aimed at sharing some nice photos and some happy moments. This is not a Kuching Travel Guide or Bako National Park Travel Guide.

I do travel for work. However, this visit to Bako National Park, is a day made me really happy and i will highly recommend to visit Bako National Park.